Beneath the glamour of the red carpet, behind the glitz and the glamour of it all lies the hard work of so many individuals. Sleepless nights, the stress and the pressure of it all tends to get overwhelming during the long days and long nights of hard physical work. With such an amount of pressure, it is not difficult to get into fights with one’s co-workers. It just happens, like any other work place, when things heat up, it is difficult to avoid such arguments. What is strangest is that such feuds always seem to happen between best friends, lovers or closely knit groups.

But the show must go on, despite everything else. And how do they do it? Acting of course! Here are some examples that you may never even have guessed.

The Blade Runner

The scenes were as romantic as they could be but what many did not suspect was that Harrison Ford and Sean Young did not get along together at all. It was bad to the point that the crew began calling the love scenes as ‘hate scenes’. It is probably here that Sean Young’s reputation as a ‘difficult’ co-star had started and the reputation continued thus.

Terms of Endearment

Cast as MacLaine’s daughter in the 1983 classic, Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine were required to fight onset as any mother and daughter but the quarrels did not stop there. It was once reported that Winger has even gone as far as to fart at MacLaine for being snobby towards her.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher weren’t the best of friends on the set of ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. A newly pregnant Teri Hatcher got on the nerves of Brosnan as he complained that Hatcher always kept him waiting. Brosnan wasn’t sympathetic and as a result, there was even talk of how Hatcher delivered a slap that was a little too hard at Brosnan during one particular scene.

Star Wars

This one’s a little hard to believe and if not, you wouldn’t want to believe it. Best buddies R2-D2 and C-3PO had a bit of a squabble at the set of Star Wars when Baker complains that Daniels turned his back to him after saying a hello. He concludes that this is the single most rudest thing that anyone has ever done to him and continues to fume afterwards.


A troubled production was on its way as the romantic leads Sharon Stone and William Baldwin did not get along on the set of Sliver. There were rumors that Stone bit Baldwin’s tongue when he went a little too deep in kissing her. Baldwin had reportedly told a crew member after the film’s many sex scenes “”Thin lips, okay breath…”


Playing side by side as brothers, Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf had nothing much to say to each other off set. Both has openly admitted to bickering the moment the cameras stopped rolling and they have both been known to make fun of the situation as well.

Four Christmases

The couple playing cute has nothing cute to say to one another off the set of this comedy that revolves around the dysfunctional holiday that the couple ends up having. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon did not get along well. In fact, it was said that Vince was a little off the cuff for Reese.