When speaking about presidential campaigns, it is important that one engages in a campaign so memorable that it helps them stand above the rest quite invariably. Presidents past and present have gone down many paths in trying to make their mark and when looking at the presidential campaigns of the recent past, one has not descended beneath the dignity of the office of President than the campaign of Donald Trump. Trump claims that all that he is doing is channeling the people’s anger towards its government elsewhere but this is nothing new. Americans have somehow always been angry at their government and this is the very reason why the country has been formed.

A great example is 1980. The supporters of Ronald Reagan too were angry at the government. This was provoked by failed domestic and foreign policies. However, Reagan did not bank on this anger to turn the citizens against one another. He did not work himself into a foulmouthed frenzy just to appease the citizens. He brought forward a solid, feasible plan of restoring America to its former glory and spoke about a promising future for the country, thus appealing to the hopes and dreams of the citizens rather than their fears and insecurities. Which seems to be Trump’s whole intention.

For those who had known Reagan, it is rather difficult to imagine Trump to be a “worthy successor” to Reagan. However, Trump stands by his decision to compete for presidency claiming that it is his love for his country which made him compete. Of course he would love the country, after all it is what had earned him his fortune. And he loves himself too, so the most important question will be what he loves more.

Taking all of this into consideration, it does seem like Trump has so little hope of securing love and support among the American citizens.

However, a certain segment of the population still holds out for Donald Trump. His stance against Muslim immigration to the US as well as his rhetoric against the ISIS and other terrorist groups is promise of action against the atrocities committed by the terrorist groups and to them, Trump is their only hope. Other politicians are somewhat reluctant to address the issue but Trumph’s ‘no inhibition’ stance and his loud mouthed nature knows no reserve when it comes to rallying against the immigrants. For some, the devastation caused by the Muslim terror groups is so traumatizing that they are willing to overlook the many faults of the indomitable Trump purely out of consideration for his anti-Islamic policies.


In this, he may actually be an all American Hero!

In adding to this, people also consider Trump’s status as a self-made man who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade and this straightforwardness is something that is admired by a good part of the American nation. He also answers to all the characteristics that Americans in general cherish. Here’s why Trump may be the True American Hero after all.

  1. He is a capitalist.
  2. He works hard to get what he wants but doesn’t hesitate to make fun of it when he doesn’t.
  3. He gives the facts. And Americans love facts.
  4. He is creative. In all his absurdity, you have got to give credit to the man in making half of them believe the incredible things that escape his mouth.
  5. He lives the American dream. He has money and he is white.

Out of jokes, Donald Trump can actually be an American Hero. He can purchase a spot on TV, address the nation during which he can thank his supporters for their loyalty and for bringing to light some of the nation’s most pressing issues. He should tell them that America is the greatest nation on earth and it can only remain so if they stay united. Then he should gracefully step aside, thereby preserving his ego and proving himself to be a selfless patriot.