Hollywood – a place known mostly for backstabbing, fashion and glamour. It is the place that most look up to for fashion inspiration and most envy for their luxurious lifestyles. But what most also forget is that there is a side of humanity that mostly goes unnoticed, buried under all the drama and scandal. So here we are highlighting some instances that took our breath away with their sheer amazingness.

  1. The Rock being a Rock

It was while Dwayne Johnson was driving home from gym one Easter that he noticed a group of fans running after his vehicle. He decided to stop and get off the vehicle only to have this one boy hug him and tell him how much The Rock has inspired him to fight his cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma with hardcore chemo and stem cell transplant treatments. It had been an inspiring moment for Dwayne as he wrote on Instagram as he realized how fragile life is and is thankful for the meeting between him and his fan named  Nick Miller.

  1. The Foo Fighters take a break to give a blind fan a gift

The February 2015 Foo Fighters show in Sydney was a special one. During the show, lead singer Dave Grohl notices a fan in the front row with a sign that says ‘Drumstick for a blind guy please?’ when he decides to stop the show, grab a stick from drummer Taylor Hawkins and hand it to the fan, making the crowd go positively bonkers.

  1. Ed Sheeran visits his biggest fan

9 year old Melody Driscoll didn’t know what was coming when Ed Sheeran visited her at Epsom Hospital in Surrey, England. Suffering from a neurological disorder that most children don’t survive past age 4, Melody is Ed Sheeran’s biggest fan. At first, Melody did not even believe that it was really him until he started singing to her and it was only then he knew. It was Sheeran’s manager who took matters into his own hands when after a social media campaign contacted Melod’s mother and arranged for this meeting to happen.

  1. Eminem going the extra mile

Suffering from a rare form of aggressive bone disease, Gage Garmo’s family has not seen him smile in a long time. It was then that magic happened. In January 2015, Gage met Eminem who is his idol and a day after the meeting, Gage died. It was truly a heartwarming moment when Gage finally got his wish.

  1. Robert Downey Jr. gave a little boy a bionic arm – As Iron Man

RDJ strikes again! 7 year old Alex  Pring, who was born with a partially developed right arm couldn’t believe his luck when Robert Downey Jr. presents him with a prosthetic “bionic” limb (Tony Stark approved at that!). the little boy couldn’t hide his excitement especially since RDJ was in character as Iron man right throughout!

  1. Spiderman shoots hoops

Unlike RDJ, the Spiderman makes a point to keep his identity shield in place at all times. However, he did make these two boys very happy when he crashed their basketball one-on-one in N.Y.C in May 2013.