They say that behind every successful man is his wife and behind every successful woman is a supportive husband. While this is not the case in every story that we know, this has been known to be true in most presidential power couples we know. Popular presidents in the American history have had popular First Ladies who have served their part in making their presidency all the more memorable in the citizens’ minds. However, this has not always been the case and this is especially true in the case of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd.

While some ladies have complimented the profiles of their president husbands, others have been practically invisible in the public’s eyes. And then there are others have outshone their husbands as well and emerged out to be more of a popular figure than the president himself. Which is why a study of the most influential power couples in the White House proves to be an interesting study indeed.

 Helen and William Taft

Here is a case where the First Lady was more popular than the president himself.

Julia and Ulysses Grant

Ulysses S. Grant was a celebrated war hero. Nevertheless as president, he is known to have struggled with numerous scandals and  economic turmoil during his term. His wife however, proved to be more popular than him going so far as to be loved by the public as an entertainer as well as gracious hostess at the White House.

Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter

One of the most respected First Ladies of the US history, Rosalynn Carter is known for single handedly winning over the issue of mental health during her time at the White House. Her husband on the contrary had a tough time in office and proved to be less popular than the First Lady during his time.

 Sarah and James Polk

Here is a First Lady who was behind her husband every step of the way in his quest for popularity. Sarah Polk stood alongside her husband as he stabilized the banking system in the US and navigated the Mexican – US war.

Hillary and Bill Clinton

The true definition of power couple, Hillary and Bill were both active figures in the US political history.

Michelle and Barack Obama

In national polls, Michelle Obama has consistently proved to be more popular than her husband. She has also successfully addressed the issues of women’s education, childhood obesity as well as the wellness of veterans.

Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy

Compared to other power couples, this couple spent a considerably shorter time in office. Nevertheless, they were one of the most iconic in history.

Abigail and John Adams

With a shared passion for politics, Abigail and John Adams were one of the most influential couples in history right through America’s struggle for independence. They are known to have over 1,000 letters exchanged during this time, all of which have been well preserved.

Edith and Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore was a well loved president noted for his larger than life personality. Although Edith lived under his shadow for most of the time, she was nevertheless respected and loved as an entertainer and a hostess at the White House.

Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt

Here is a couple made in power heaven. Established as one of the most influential power couples in the History of the United States during their 12 year long term, Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt led the nation through the Great Depression and World War II.

 Martha and George Washington

As the first couple, these two individuals set an example for generations to come. As the country went through the American Revolution and set about establishing the Republic, Martha stood strong beside George Washington and supported him every step of the way.