Remember those hunky, favorite heartthrobs that you’ve had a crush on since forever? You may still remember a few, you may even be just a little bit in love with some of them as well. But what about the rest? We are sure that this article will raise a few ‘aha’ moments and take you back to the glorious bygone era when you mooned over some of these characters.

  1. Matthew Goode from ‘Chasing Liberty’

Remember Secret Service agent Ben Calder who was entrusted with the task of looking after the President’s daughter but ended up falling in love with her instead? Yes, we are indeed talking about that one. Goode has since then making waves in an Oscar-nominated role in ‘The Imitation Game’, ‘Match Point’, ‘Watchmen’, ‘A Single Man’, ‘Leap Year’ and also in the cult classic Stoker.

  1. Rodrigo Santoro from ‘Love Actually’

Since ‘Love actually’ this romantic heartthrob went on to star in ‘300’ and ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ as Xerxes also making appearances on ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, ‘Lost’ and ‘The Last Stand’.

  1. . Michael Vartan in ‘Never Been Kissed’

This star who was formerly known for his role in Alias ended up starring in ‘Monster-in-Law’ as Jennifer Lopez’s love interest and also in the medical drama Hawthorne as Dr. Tom Wakefield. Another one of his memorable performances is in A&E’s thriller ‘Bates Motel’.

  1. Shane West in ‘A Walk To Remember’

This actor is also a rock star and we mean that in a literal sense. Other than that, he has achieved great popularity through the television series ‘ER’ as Dr. Jay Barnett also played the role of Michael Bishop in The CW’s Nikita and also as John Alden in WGN drama ‘Salem’.

  1. Sean Patrick Thomas from ‘Save The Last Dance’

The soulful dancer that you saw on “Save the last dance’ is now a father of two. He has since had a part in the CBS drama The District, as Terry in the American Horror Story: Asylum as Terry, Barbershop and Barbershop 2: Back in Business.

  1. Justin Walker from ‘Clueless’

Since ‘Clueless’, Justin Walker apart from being an actor is also a restaurateur and is the owner of Teddy Teadle’s Grill in Rancho Mirage, Calif. With regards to his Hollywood career, he has played himself in ‘E! True Hollywood Story: Clueless’ and that is all that we know about him so far.

  1. Josh Hartnett from ‘Pearl Harbor’

This heart stopper since ‘Pearl Harbor’ has been busy. His most recently noted role being as Ethan Chandler in the British-American Showtime series ‘Penny Dreadful’, he has also starred Black Hawk Down, The Faculty, The Virgin Suicides as well as in The Black Dahlia and 40 Days and 40 Nights.

  1. John Corbett from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’

The unforgettable Aidan Shaw on ‘Sex and the City’ John Corbett is also seen in ‘Raising Helen and Ramona and Beezus’ alongside Selena Gomez and alongside Jennifer Lopez in ‘The Boy Next Door’. He has several TV stints up his sleeve as well by the names of United States of Tara, Parenthood, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

  1. Mathieu Kassovitz from ‘Amelie’

This French heartthrob (who is also a writer and director who has received several César Award nominations) has since then been known for his roles alongside  Eric Bana and Daniel Craig in Steven Spielberg’s Munich.