Protecting your child no matter what the cost is a given whether it is in the human or the animal world. It is one of the most primal callings of nature to protect one’s offspring from harm. And this does not exclude celebrity mothers.

Celebrities are known to keep a politically correct stance on all their activities including dealing with criticism and paparazzi for the sake of maintaining appearances. But when it comes to their kids, whether it is the paparazzi, haters or those who like to criticize, celebrity mothers do not play it cool like they usually do.  here are some instances when some well known celeb mothers went lioness mode for the sake of their children.

kim-zolciakKim Zolciak is a reality star who is known for standing up for her children. Recently, her 19 year old daughter, Brielle went under fire about her appearance on her Bravo TV instagram takeover and Kim was not going to stay quiet about it. She went all out on a series of snapchats and it was plain to see that you don’t mess with Kim’s kids and get away with it easily.

And this is not the first time either. She has also stood up for her 14 year old daughter Ariana when she was being body shamed. And she wasn’t alone in this fight. Her supporters quickly slammed into action backing her up in this campaign.




Olivia Wilde is another celebrity mama who did not take too kindly the attempt of a paparazzi photographer who was trying to photograph her baby bump. She took to Instagram to slam the paparazzi who was apparently hiding behind a park bush to snap her picture. She comments saying that the photographer was carrying a “nat geo lens” like the ones that are used to photograph dangerous wild animals who you do not get close to for fear of death and says that she does not appreciate being stalked by strange men. She posts a picture of her pregnant self looking angry and states that people looking angry in photos is just them reacting normally to abnormal situations.



Kristin Cavallari went on a blocking spree when some comments appeared on a picture of her children on the beach. The user commented on the appearance of her children and this of course infuriated the mother. She had later stated “Yep, I starve my children. Just blocked the most people I’ve ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th hahaha,” in an instant comeback.

The new mother Coco was recently slammed for sharing too much of her new born’s pictures but she does not take any heed to the haters. Being a new mother, she is excited about being a mom, she says. And continues to post more adorable pictures of the two of them together.




halle-berryHalle Berry, like any cautious celebrity mother had been thorough about keeping the identities of her children a secret, although she constantly posts pictures of them in a discreet manner. She was recently accused of being ashamed of her children to which she snaps back saying that the children are the biggest part of her life and even though she finds ways to incorporate them into her feed, she tries her very hard to keep their identities secret as they are still only children.




tia-mowryTia Mowry is another celeb mother who had stood up for her 1 year old son Cree Taylor Hardrict when people began calling him “ugly” on social media. As hard as it is to believe, there are still people who would stoop to such a thing as belittling a child.


The best one yet is how Jennifer Garner turned the tables on the paparazzi, taking photographs of the man who was trying to take photographs of her children while they were out shopping. The effects of the paparazzi is traumatizing and her young children being harassed by strange men at random places does not appeal at all to this celebrity mother who chose to act in this rather unique manner.