The cinnamon buns, the long flowing white tunic – it is difficult to imagine Carrie Fisher without these things. The Princess Leia of Star Wars is as big a legend as the movies themselves. But beyond Princess Leia, beyond the glamor and the glory of the Star Wars saga, what secrets does she hide? Let’s find out.


Amazing behind-the-scenes support

A little known fact is that behind the Hollywood star is an ingenious script doctor. Carrie was hired all the time to detect faults in scripts and to make suggestions on how to improve them. an uncredited role, some of the movies she got involved in include “The Wedding Singer” (1998), “Hook” (1991), “Lethal Weapon 3” (1992) and  “Sister Act” (1992).

Almost turned down Star Wars

Another shocker comes in knowing that Carrie Fisher almost turned down the role that made her famous. She did not know what she was signing up for she says, when she signed up for her role at the age of 19 and it went on to become a major hit and for her, a major headache. She was waiting for all of it to end although we cannot understand why.

James Blunt’s American mom

James Blunt who calls Carrie his “American mom” owes a lot to Fisher. When Blunt arrived in America to record his first album he had nowhere to go and no money at all. But having met Fisher an year ago in London as a family friend of his then girlfriend, Fisher extended her home and a lot more to Blunt as he went on building his music career. It was Carrie who came up with the name of his first album “Back to Bedlam” and a large part of the album was recorded in Carrie’s bathroom because she had a piano there although he does not know why she has a piano in her bathroom.

George Lucas asked her not to wear a bra

One day, George Lucas came up to Carrie and said that she can’t wear a bra under her iconic white robe. When asked why, Lucas explained in all conviction “Because… there’s no underwear in space.’ Also adding ‘You go into space and you become weightless. Then your body expands but your bra doesn’t, so you get strangled by your own underwear.’ Carrie in turn loved the idea and told her friends that when she dies no matter how it happens, she wants it reported like “I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.”

Meryl Streep as Carrie

Although Carrie admits that she was “never that great of an actor”, we know she must have done herself justice when Meryl Streep plays her in a movie. This was in 1990 semi auto-biographical dramedy “Postcards from the Edge,” a novel written by Fisher herself which was later turned into a movie. This is interesting because Meryl was also one of the actresses that she beat when securing the role of Princess Leia for herself.

A classic troll fighter

Carrie fought with mental illness and addiction but that did not hold her back from becoming the strong, confident woman she became in her life. She loved social media to the point that her dog had a Twitter account and voiced out her opinions no matter how rash or rude they seemed. With her return to Star Wars in “The Force Awakens,” many were critical about her appearance. And she fired back on Twitter “Please stop debating about whether or not I aged well. Unfortunately it hurts all three of my feelings. My BODY hasn’t aged as well as I have. Blow us.”