Has it happened to you – the main characters are so transformed with clothes and makeup that you wouldn’t know who they are? Do you remember a few such films? Of course they exist and here are just some examples when you really did not know who they really were beneath all that makeup and snazz

Tim Curry – The Devil, Legend


Giant black horns and red paint. Et voila! You are instantly transformed into the super scary, unicorn hating devil! His mischievous laughter is one that earned him the name “The Cheshire Cat” and he is also known for lending his voice to two cats – Prince in Garfield 2 as well as in The Cat King in The Cat Returns in 2002.

True that he plays villain roles, but those are usually sophisticated and elegant characters with class. Some of the most memorable being the leading act in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and an evil clown in Stephen King’s miniseries It, Curry played the red horned villain the Lord of Darkness which was a rather ornate affair. The mask apparently took 6.5 hours to make while taking off the makeup itself ook an hour and a half. Would you blame yourself for not recognizing him in the act?

Christian Bale:  American Hustle


Would it surprise you if we said that Robert De Niro couldn’t recognize him on the set? Well us neither. To top it off, De Niro wouldn’t even believe it when the crew tried to explain it to him that it was in fact, Christian Bale. Who could, with that bulging midriff, the hump and that nightmare of a combover?

Jim Carey: The Grinch


No one can deny it, Jim Carrey has a distinctive and instantly recognizable style of acting that endears him to a lot of people. But his portrayal of the Grinch in the Dr Seuss Christmas classic mostly goes unnoticed due to the fact that he was far from being recognizable in this particular part.

Far from his signature style which is actually part of his charm, Carrey was paid 20 Million dollars to be dressed up beyond recognizable. This role is the least Jim Carrey-like of all the roles he played but it is also one that showcases the actor’s extraordinary versatility in transforming himself into any character that is desired.

Matthew Mcconaughey: Dallas Buyers Club


What with his natural good looks, we are still wondering how this hunk of a man managed to pass off as the AIDS patient Ron Woodroof. Obviously, a lot of hard work has gone into it and as all those almost nude scenes would show you, the guy has lost a lot of weight.

It did pay off well however. The Dallas Buyers Club landed him with an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the best performance by an actor in a leading role in addition to many other awards.

Ron Pearlman: Hellboy


Well who knew! The famous face of FX’s Sons of Anarchy is actually the face behind all that red paint in the feisty Hellboy.

6 feet tall with appreciative muscle mass, a deep rumbling voice and a sturdy appearance, Pearlman often lands himself with inhuman, fantasy roles. He is a particular favourite with his friend,  Guillermo del Toro and Pearlman believes that he lands the roles that he does because of the way he looks. Which in some part, is true.

Tom Cruise: Tropic Thunder


Tom Cruise as the film executive Les Grossman is very hard to guess, but the director intended to keep it that way by reserving Tom Cruise’s name till the very last minute of the credits. And most people did get a start when they saw the name appearing in the credits. Mr director sir, mission accomplished!